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2010-10-21 Article about Yann and Convolutional Nets in the The Economist

The magazine The Economist is running a nice article about Yann's research with a very clear description of Convolutional Networks.

2010-05-22 Article in Wired Magazine about our project on Deep Learning

The Danger Room Column at Wired Magazine has an article about Rob and Yann's work on Deep Learning. The Danger Room monitors projects funded by DARPA.

There is also a YouTube video demonstrating our system.

2010-03-19: MuseAmi, a company co-founded by Y. LeCun

MuseAmi is a startup company co-founded by concert pianist Robert Taub and Yann LeCun, whose product aim to educate and entertain amateur musicians. One of MuseAmi's technologies tracks musical pitch in real time and can turn a melody (played, sung or whistled) into a score. Another set of technologies can correct the pitch os a singer in real time, and add effects and other voices. A video demonstrating the technologies is available on YouTube.

An article in the Wall Street Journal Digit Blog gives some background information about MuseAmi.

2010-03-08: CBLL to start DARPA Deep Learning Project

DARPA has selected a consortium composed of Yann LeCun, Rob Fergus (NYU/Courant/CBLL), Yoshua Bengio (U. of Montreal/LISA), Ronan Collobert (NEC Labs), and Urs Muller (Net-Scale Technologies) as one of two teams to participate in the Deep Learning Project. The project is scheduled to formally start at the end of March 2010.

Some articles appeared in the press following last year's announcement of the Deep Learning project: Wired magazine, The Register, Homeland Security Newswire.

2010-02-01: Our LAGR robot is on TV

Our LAGR robot and Yann LeCun are featured on the Discovery Channel series Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible, hosted by Michio Kaku. The program aired for the first time at the end of January in the US on the Science Channel.

Some pictures from the shoot, which took place in March 2009, are available here.

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