People at CBLL


Post Docs

PhD Students

Research Staff

Clement Farabet, Junior Research Scientist (2008 - )
Marco Scoffier, Junior Research Scientist (2006 - )

Masters Students

Past Members and Alumni

Visiting Faculty

Sebastian Seung, MIT (spring 2007).

PhD Students

Sumit Chopra, 2003-2008, (AT&T Labs-Research)
Raia Hadsell, 2003-2008, (Robotics Institute, CMU)
Ayse Naz Erkan, 2004-2008, (Max Planck Institute)
Chris Poultney, 2004-2007
Feng Ning, 2003-2006. (Bank of America)

Research Staff

Pierre Sermanet, Junior Research Scientist (2006-2008)
Jeff Han, Senior Research Scientist (2004-2007)

Masters Students

Koray Kavukcuoglu, (2005-2007)
Pierre Sermanet, (2006-2008)


Clement Farabet, (summer 2008)
Cyril Poulet, (summer-fall 2008)
Greg Wayne, (summer 2008)

NYU Faculty with Shared Interests

Chris Bregler (Courant/CS): computer vision, graphics, motion capture, animation
Andrew Caplin (NYU Economics)
Ernie Davis (Courant/CS): reasoning and knowledge representation
Nathaniel Daw (NYU, CNS): learning
Davi Geiger (Courant/CS): computer vision, recognition
Leslie Greengard (Courant/Math)
David Heeger (NYU, CNS): fMRI, vision
John Leahy (NYU Economics)
Panos Mavromatis (NYU Steinhardt School. Music Theory)
Mehryar Mohri (Courant/CS): bioinformatics, machine learning, automata theory
Denis Pelli (Center for Neural Science/Psychology): human vision, object recognition
Fabio Piano (NYU Biology): functional genomics
Foster Provost (Stern School of Business): machine learning, data mining, knowledge systems
Eero Simoncelli (Center for Neural Science): vision, computational neuroscience

External Collaborations

Paolo Barbano (Yale, Applied Math): signal processing, bioinformatics
Yoshua Bengio (CS dept, Universite de Montreal): machine learning
Leon Bottou (NEC Labs America, Princeton): computer vision, object recognition
Ed Boyden (MIT): neuroscience
Yang Dan (Berkeley, Neurobiology): neuroscience
Martial Hebert (Robotics Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University): computer vision, object recognition
Geoffrey Hinton (University of Toronto): learning, vision
Urs Muller (Net-Scale Technologies): mobile robotics
Andrew Ng (Stanford): learning
Jean Ponce (Ecole Normale Superieure): computer vision, object recognition
Sam Roweis (U. of Toronto and Google): dimensionality reduction, deep learning
Sebastian Seung (MIT, Brain and Cognitive Science Department): computational neuroscience

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