October 28, 2009 : Chunzhao Guo

Toyota Technological Institute

Driving Assistance System and Autonomous Vehicle

I will introduce an ongoing autonomous vehicle project of the Research Center for Integration of Advanced Intelligent Systems and Devices, Toyota Technological Institute, including the equipments and sensors of our experimental autonomous vehicles as well as some vision-based core technologies, especially for the stereovision-based road detection method by combining homography estimation and MRF-based belief propagation to cope with challenging scenarios such as unstructured roads with unhomogeneous surfaces. In this method, each pixel in the reference image is firstly labeled as “road” or “non-road” by minimizing a well defined energy function that accounts for the planar road region. The energy is minimized in coordinate descent iterations that alternate between optimizing the homography and implementing an efficient belief propagation approach to find the optimal binary labeling that segments the image into two non-overlapping road and non-road regions.

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