May 12th, 2010 : Eugenio Culurciello

Electrical Engineering
Yale University

The eye of the Terminator: modeling the visual system in hardware


In this talk I will present our state-of-the-art work on neuromorphic hardware models of the mammalian visual system. In particular, I focus on modeling retinal pre-processing and the ventral visual pathway, with the goal of categorizing tens of objects from multi-megapixel cameras. We have designed and tailored multiple generation of bio-mimetic artificial retinas that can extract motion and contour information from the scene. We are developing light-invariant representations of the visual information for use in a hierarchical model of the ventral pathways, in particular V1, V2, V4 and IT. We have designed and implemented an innovative data-flow graphic-processing unit (GPU) - called VPU - Vision Processing Unit, that can instantiate very large neural networks (several million neurons), learn from data, and perform in real time and faster! We will show our implementation of convolutional neural networks in programmable digital hardware (FPGA) and on custom micro-chips (ASIC). Applications are in advanced modeling, neuroscience hypothesis testing, robotics, security, monitoring, cognitive hardware and sensor networks - to name a few.

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