November 9, 2010 @ 3pm : Vladimir Vapnik (NEC Labs)


Vladimir Vapnik (NEC Labs)

The existing machine learning paradigm considers a simple scheme: given a set of training examples find in a given collection of functions the one that in the best possible way approximates the unknown decision rule. In such a paradigm a teacher does not play any role.

In human learning, however, the role of a teacher is very important: along with examples a teacher provides students with explanations, comments, comparisons, and so on. In this talk I will introduce elements of human teaching in machine learning. I will introduce an advanced learning paradigm called learning using privileged information (LUPI), where at the training stage a teacher gives some additional information about training examples. This privileged information will not be available during test stage.

I will consider LUPI paradigm for support vector machine type of algorithms and demonstrate big superiority of the advanced learning paradigm pover classical one.

The new learning paradigm is general; it can be apply to almost any learning problem.

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